REVUE (2017; Theater Thikwa Berlin)

Revue shows are costume shows performed by giant ensembles. Similar  to Hollywood blockbusters, Revue shows create spaces of relaxation   and invite spectators to lean back and consume. Three performers from the Theater Thikwa take on the challenge of bursting apart all the  superlative elements of a “big show”. Equipped with bizarre objects  the performers’ bodies will become surfaces of (in)visible prostheses, mutating into rogue cyber heroes and emerge as the icons of the show. 

"It will be loud, bloody, and glamorous."


Fotos: Ines Wuttke



RFID choreographies IV (2016; P-Bodies - festival for contemporary dance and performance)

The young enterprise RFID choreographies offers the implanting of RFID microchips and by means of the transference, introduces “Near Field Communication” in choreographic attempts of everyday action. RFID Choreographies introduces its semi-annual figures 2015/16 and also celebrates its 100th customer and therefore the 100th implant. RFID means “radio frequency identification”. The control of technical devices is enabled by the identification of the microchip with a selection device. Thus the organism becomes part of a transmitter receiver system with the aid of a new internalized process of choreographic commensurabilities where everyday interactions are investigated. RFID choreographies I-III (2015; Treibstoff Theatertage Basel, Future Award Frankfurt)
RFID_Dienstag_MichelleEttlin63RFID_Dienstag_MichelleEttlin21RFID-Treibstoff2015-NellyRodriguez©-37RFID_Dienstag_MichelleEttlin59RFID-Treibstoff2015-NellyRodriguez©-43RFID-Treibstoff2015-NellyRodriguez©-235098_MG_5127 RFID choreographies is a networked based startup company which is based in berlin. The young company acts in and out the context of art. RFID choreographies establishes choreographic relations between technology and human bodies. The fictional company implants in cooperation with local boddymodders RFID micro chips into the hands of their customers. RFID derives from the technical term "radio frequency identification" and is a transmitter-receiver system with a unique identification number. The control of technical devices is made possible by the identification of the micro chips of a readout device. Choreographies means the interaction of the human body together with the technological enhancement and the resulting relations of the organic and anorganic. In the context of posthuman theorie RFID choreographies stands for the affirmation and natural evolution of the interaction between human bodies and technology. In all times humans were enlarging their physical abilities of the body trough different tools: such as weapons for hunting, machines for constructing buildings or the compass for geographic orientation. Technology is also understood for normalization of the body: we know it from medics, such as medicine, genetic interference, artificial limbs or implants (i.e. cardiac pacemakers). Through the discourse of „Human Enhancement“ even life-style products i.e. apple-watches are enlarging the idea of extension of human skills. Technology helps us gether informations about our physicality, we can track our number steps, heartbeat and all kinds of biodata like body temperature or perspiration.


LET IT OUT! (2014; Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich) 
concept: Dominik Fornezzi, Anja Lina Egli, Stefanie Mrachacz
artists: Molly Haslund, Martin Schinagl, Ines Wuttke, Séverin Urwyler, Niklas Leifert, Mathias Ringgenberg

LET IT OUT ! was an artistic reaction to the global mega event of the football world cup 2014. More precisely it was a many-faceted, interdisciplinary performance project that was developed by various artists. 

"It is coming. Coming closer. Takes over our city. Is noisy. Gathers people. Conquers our everyday lives. Structures our needs. Unites us. Creates enemies. Elevates us into ecstasy. We are in a state of emergency!"